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Donations keeps the site operational. It also enables you to view certain hidden users when searching for gifts (more about that below).

Someone that has not yet signed in on this site, or is not known to trade or collect games. You may view these users when donating.

Someone that specifically chose not to list their gift(s) on this site. These users are NOT revealed when donating.

A donation credit allows you to view all hidden users for a gift of your choice.

Simply search for a gift and click on "View hidden users".

Yes. Unlocks are permanent, and potential new hidden users will also be revealed.

One credit is 10 Mann Co. Supply Crate (TF2) keys. This means that for the price of 10 keys, you can reveal all hidden users for one gift.

Yes, for a total of 100 keys you get to view all hidden users in all searches, forever. This donation does not have to be done at once, meaning once you have reached a total of 10 donation credits (you may spend them) - you will be given full access automatically.

If you are extremely dissatisfied with the users revealed (gift is no longer in the inventories, only region restricted copies, etc.) - join the Discord (bottom of the page) and state your case to a moderator. You may then be granted a refund.