What is this site?

Prior to May in 2017, you could purchase a game on Steam and place it in your inventory, rather than adding it to your library. These gifts could then be traded to other Steam users.

This site connects people interested in trading these gifts by searching through users inventories and storing the results in a database. This database can then be accessed by anyone, enabling people to quickly find what they are looking for.

As of late October, 2022, Valve drastically reduced the rate-limits when checking inventories. This was done to such an extent that it is no longer feasible to continuously scan inventories for gifts. Going forward, only users who actively use the site will have their inventories updated. If Valve ever decides to lift this limit, this message will be removed and an announcement will be posted on our Discord.

Listed gifts

There are a few things you should keep in mind when using this site:

  • If you buy someone a gift on Steam today, it is placed in your inventory until it has been delivered. While untradeable, these gifts are still listed on this site.
  • Each gift is only listed once per user, per category, meaning they might have, for example, three region-free and five region-restricted copies of a gift, but the site only presents one of each.
  • Gifts may be region restricted. Only profiles updated after the 21st of October, 2021, have their gifts correctly labeled.
  • Gifts are listed even if the user deleted their Steam account.
  • The user may no longer have the gift you are looking for. You can see when the gift was last seen in their inventory when searching.
  • Gifts listed on this site does not necessarily mean that they are up for trade. Be kind to the person you are contacting, and understand that they may not be interested in dealing with you.


Your inventory is checked when you visit your profile, once every 2 days.

Visit the donation section for more information.

Unless the owner specified contact details in the listing, you will have to visit their Steam profile and go from there.

An unknown package is usually a game that is no longer being sold on Steam. When you search for them on this site, they are automatically mapped to the actual name of the gift.

If you don't wish for your gifts to be listed on this site; sign in, navigate to your profile, and click on settings.

You can join the Discord server or visit the Steam group (bottom of the page) and ask away.